“Cheers. To good times.” you say as you and 3 other friends bring your Coronas in as part of the tradition.

 *clink* *clink*




“To good times.” you all declare in unison while stand ready on the beach to celebrate the advent of everyone’s favorite season.


Everyone takes a swig. The party has begun.


As you finish your sip, you look across the beach and waters, right into the vanishing point.

Things are happening around you. But you’re just content standing there and looking into the distance. But as you do, vibrant electro music kicks in and slowly gets louder and louder until it becomes impossible to ignore.


You break your gaze and hear your friends’ banter.


There they are – laughing like bunch of idiots. And you’re missing out.


Or are you?


Tropical beach, sick music, good friends, and lots of booze.


“Summer is here.” you think to yourself.


You let off a slight smirk and slide your sunglasses down. 


It’s time to get to it.


You take another swig and think about all the things to look forward to.


All of your favorite artists coming to town to rock your summer with some of the best tunes you’ve ever experienced.


All the crazy late-night adventures you’ll find yourself in.


All the new, interesting people you’re going meet.


There’s so much that’s waiting.


You’ve felt this before. Every time summer starts.


This is a very special and precise feeling.


Whenever summer starts, it feels like you don’t even care about the past like you normally do. All you care about is the exciting potential of the future.


This is the greatest feeling. And it’s all yours.


“Summer is here.” You acknowledge silently to yourself as you join your friends.

May 15, 2017 by Eric Martineau
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