New-York Adventures

Why everybody loves new-york city

You can’t stop looking. There’s a kid breakdancing across from you on the subway. You’re hiding behind your cheap sunglasses, so no one can tell you’re watching. But of course, you don’t tell people they’re cheap. They’re vintage sunglasses, if anyone asks. You’re entertained, but you can’t stay. You’ve got to go meet up with a friend. You step out and make your way out. You walk into a field filled with gardens, flowers and water fountains. You see people walking their dogs and a couple kissing on a bench. This is it. This is Central Park. People of all walks of life come to enjoy this serene space. As you walk, a kid calls after you. He asks you if you want to buy some M&M’s. Of course you do. So you send him off with a few dollars and throw in a red and yellow one into your mouth.

Vintage round sunglasses 

         And then you notice something - music. You turn around and there’s a band playing live music with a crowd forming around. They’re good. Not just good. They’re really good. They’re putting their hearts into this. So much heart, you wish you hadn’t bought the M&M’s and could send them some support. You get a text. Change of plans. Time to head to 1 Avenue East on 6th. You hop in a cab. Smells funky, but that’s cabs for you. You tell the cabbie where you need to go and you glide off. You look from your window and witness a myriad of events. It feels as if there’s always something happening. A film crew is doing their thing on one corner. And on the next, there’s a crowd being drawn in by this kid’s breakdancing. Wait a minute. That’s the same kid from the subway! That really peaks your curiosity. But by the time that happens, your attention drifts to a line up of people waiting to go inside somewhere. You can’t tell where, and there isn’t a new iPhone out. What are they all waiting for?


         As you wonder, the cab slows down. You’ve reached your destination. You pay up and step out. As the cab drives away, you collect yourself a bit and look upwards. And you keep looking. Because there it is. The Freedom Tower, a monument that fills you with complete awe. As your perception takes in what’s around the tower, you notice the brick walls of the buildings that surround it. You can make out washed out ads from years ago. As you stand there, the history of so many great things rushes into your being all at once. Time slows down and you don’t hear anything. And in that moment, you’ve changed. You make the realization that you’re part of something very big. And as you stand, you feel just right and you let out a bit of a goofy smile. Your eyes drift over to spot a giant clock in the distance, just to see if time has actually stopped.


         As the small hand ticks onto the next second, a hand lands onto your shoulder and you hear “Hey!” You’re snapped out of the trance. You hear the sounds of people talking and cars honking. People walk past you very quickly. The flow of time resumes and you’ve returned. You turn to find it’s the friend you were meeting up with. “What’s with you?”, they ask.


You don’t know what to say. But you finally get it.


You get why everyone loves New York City.


Credit: @EddieofMTL 

March 04, 2017 by Eric Martineau
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