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 Arizona southern landscape

Midnight’s close. Looking across the curtains of this window, only to find the howls of a harsh and violent wind and mountains of snow that consume the parked cars, with only a portion of the wheel to be spotted. Not a soul found on the street. The only car that’s moving has a Domino’s sign on top. Poor fella. I suppose it could always be worse. Although it’s hard to appreciate it when you’re at home, scrolling across your Instagram, only to find the pictures that are trending in popularity. Nothing from your part of the globe.

First thumbnail features a girl that you select, as her full picture swipes into front and center. 10,942 likes. Name’s Liz. She’s got good fortune, it seems. Sun-kissed looks and popular. You can’t make out her eyes because of her rocking sunglasses. She sports an endearing and joyful smile. Her arms are extended in a Y as she holds a huge US Flag behind herself.  She’s wearing a super cute tank top with red and white stripes and a beltless set of jean shorts. A leather satchel hangs off her right arm, as she’s posing what appears to be a front yard porch. It feels like the 4th of July, but it’s definitely March. Maybe it feels like the 4th of July every day down there. Must be nice to have amazing weather that allows for such amazing fashion. Sure beats the current local fashion trend of soggy socks and contempt. You suspect that the majority of human life would rather deal with a hot and sweaty environment than to deal with the snow and sleet. Not to mention the best part of good weather – BBQ. There’s no greater bliss than sitting on a wooden bench in a grassy spot, having a hotdog and beer. And if you’re not fond of clichés, you can settle for pulled pork, smoked ribs and Mac and Cheese. Soul food, they call it.Sunglasses for pool party

Good weather, good fashion and good food. Most likely the recipe for the sort of smile this girl carries. People are probably a lot friendlier and happier. Not as easy when you’re scurrying from the blowing cold winds. It feels like life would be a lot slower down there. Why wouldn’t it be? Why would anyone want to hurry through life when it feels the way it does in the South? As you think, the phone dims out and locks. Her picture isn’t there anymore. You click back and the time reveals itself,


Midnight’s here. It’s a new day.


Boy. You sure wish you were where she is.




Maybe you can be.

April 15, 2017 by Eric Martineau
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