Every face needs the perfect pair of glasses. Whether you wear a prescription or want to look glamorous and chic in a fresh pair of sunnies, Street Affaires has got you covered.


Born in a college dorm room in San Francisco, Street Affaires was conceptualized by two young guys with a passion for eyewear, but couldn’t find the right pair at an affordable price. Back in 2008, we didn’t know how we could turn over our look without going broke. We set out to find fresh frames at a low cost. Needless to say, it was nearly impossible. The eyewear industry was totally out of our league, but not for long.


There was only one thing that could be done: open our own shop.


A big part of our mission was that quality was not to be compromised. The only thing that had to match outstanding design was an incredible price. We wanted to have multiple pairs, so we could rotate our frames to match our mood or look, and it was within our right to have such a demand.


We want you to benefit from our ingenious plan.


With our ear to the ground on what’s on trend, we design all of our glasses in-house to bring you original, trendsetting, high-quality frames.