Sunglasses are a number of things - fashion statement, sun blocker and most importantly, a marker of status.


They’re as practical as they are fashionable. Although something this sophisticated comes with a price.


At Street Affaires, we go out of our way to get you the latest in sunglasses fashion so that you can be at your best by wearing the best. 


Based in North America, Street Affaires started everything off the idea that you deserve to look and feel amazing without having to deal with guilt-inducing bank statements.


And so, we go out of our way in delivering you the latest and most sought-after designs so that you can showcase your individuality perfectly when you grace the public with your presence. Besides, camera flashes are quite the nuisance, so you better pair up for the inevitable.


Street Affaires offers a variety of sunglasses to make sure it has something to match your face-type. So check out our gallery and find the ones that call out to you.


Because the truth is you can look and feel like a celebrity without having to spend like one.







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